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As an international strategic partner DDM Power launches its turnkey relocation solutions on the market. DDM Powers global network in the utility and (petro) chemical market gives us direct access to pre-owned power plants and equipment, therefor DDM Power is your first point of contact for procurement, technical advice and project management.


To procure a pre-owned power solution it all starts with the right advice and the right network. DDM Power understands that in any procurement process both the selling as the buying parties have one common interest; make the project happen to both commercial and technical satisfaction of all parties involved. Therefor DDM guarantees a direct contact between all parties in all openness. If needed, DDM Power takes over ownership of the to be procured plant or equipment in order to assure firsthand information and fast project management.




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Combining the 25 years of Dismantling, Demolition and Relocation services of the DDM Holding with the current energy demand, DDM Power is a highly experienced company in this market. Our relocation services can be used in any degree our clients need, from relocating a small 8 MW plant to the dismantling of a 400MW full combined cycle plant leaving the old site “Greenfield” and managing the re-erection of the plant on its new location.


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DDM Powers network and presence in the pre-owned utility and (petro) chemical market created several possibilities on related rotating equipment and parts trading. Clients needing Spare parts for the pre-owned Plant they have procured or clients interested in equipment that DDM Power has access to through earlier dismantling of demolition projects can all be served.

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